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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix find busiest queue 2.6.0-test9

    Martin J. Bligh wrote:

    >On the same vein ... this looks odd:
    > * We fend off statistical fluctuations in runqueue lengths by
    > * saving the runqueue length during the previous load-balancing
    > * operation and using the smaller one the current and saved lengths.
    > * If a runqueue is long enough for a longer amount of time then
    > * we recognize it and pull tasks from it.
    > if (idle || (this_rq->nr_running > this_rq->prev_cpu_load[this_cpu]))
    > nr_running = this_rq->nr_running;
    > else
    > nr_running = this_rq->prev_cpu_load[this_cpu];
    >It says we uses the smaller of the two in the comment, but then it seems to
    >use the > of the two in the code? Unless I'm losing it, which is likely ;-)

    You want the larger of the two values to be taken for the destination
    queue, and the smaller to be taken for the source queue. This way you
    get a minimal imbalance.

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