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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6] Number of proc entries based on NR_CPUS ?

    Hi Martin,

    > Here is a patch that makes the number of /proc entries be based on
    > NR_CPUS instead of just having a fixed number. I think it is a good
    > idea now that big Linux machines are starting to appear.
    > The proper constant and slope of increase are up for argument too.
    > Patch is against the latest linux-2.5 bk tree.

    I think I first bumped that to 16k, that was needed on a 32way box.
    At 128way my gut feeling is its 32k.

    Linking the number of proc entries to the number of cpus is a bit crude
    but its better than having it fixed.

    FYI I think some networking people were complaining about this limit
    when they create gobs of network interfaces (dummy devices? ipsec?).
    Each interface creates a bunch of /proc/sys/net entries...

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