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    SubjectRe: Disk Geometries reported incorrectly on 2.6.0-testX

    On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, Andrew Clausen wrote:
    > Good question. From 98 up, Windows supports both LBA and CHS. I'm not
    > sure about XP/2003.

    I don't think it changed. CHS support is needed for backward compatibility
    during boot. This is why it would be important not to screw it, if it's
    indeed matter in the partition table. Some reading how NT gets/uses drive

    > The real question is: what is the default install? How many users have
    > each?

    Google Zeitgeist says for september at

    XP 38%
    98 29%
    2000 20%
    NT 3%
    95 1%

    XP is growing 1-2% each month at the expense of Win9x (see{...,jun,jul,aug}03_pie.gif)

    The majority of NT based uses NTFS. NTFS has its own $Boot file fixed at
    sector 0, that is it's the boot sector. I don't know how much it's
    different from the one booting from FAT but I guess not much (except of
    understanding NTFS instead of FAT during boot, etc).

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