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    SubjectRe: file2alias for pnp (Re: modules.pnpmap output support)
    At Thu, 27 Nov 2003 21:58:58 +0300,
    Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
    > On Thursday 27 November 2003 17:41, Takashi Iwai wrote:
    > > Hi,
    > >
    > > the attached is the patch to add pnp entries to file2alias.c.
    > > i moved the definitions of pnp_device_id and pnp_card_device_id into
    > > mod_devicetable.h as other devices do. if you don't like it, i'll try
    > > to revert them and put definitions inside file2alias.c to keep the
    > > changes minimum.
    > >
    > > the format of pnp alias is:
    > > pnp:dXXXYYYY
    > > or
    > > where XXXYYYY is the pnp id with 7 letters (e.g. CTL0031), c shows the
    > > card id, and d means the device id. multiple device ids will be
    > > listed depending on the driver.
    > >
    > > for example,
    > >
    > > alias pnp:dYMH0021* opl3sa2
    > > alias pnp:cALS0001d@@@0001d@X@0001d@H@0001* snd_als100
    > >
    > > Andrey, would it be feasible for hotplug stuff?
    > >
    > Will then every d be passed as separate parameter to hotplug? It means agent
    > has to deal with unknown number of parameters or are there always fixed
    > number of devs? apparently not as max is 8 and in your example only 3 are
    > defined.

    yes. the number of probed devices is variable.
    note that, as seen above, there are two cases: with a card id and
    without a card id. in the latter case, the card id is not checked but
    only the given device id is checked, while the former case will need
    checks all ids.

    > If number is variable I guess better would be
    > alias pnp:cXXXXXXdYYYYYYY[:YYYYYY...]
    > i.e. put all devs IDs in one field; actually may be even separator is
    > redundant as IDs have strict format to my knowledge.

    it looks fine to me.

    > Then hotplug agent gets two parameters - PNPID and PNPDEVS - and it is quite
    > easy to build alias.
    > can you give example how entries in sysfs look like (I do not have any ISA
    > card). Is it possible to list them in the same order as in pnp_card_device_id
    > table? Otherwise coldplugging becomes quite complicated. coldplugging script
    > has to build the same string as hotplug invocation gets.

    % ls -RF /sys/bus/pnp/
    devices/ drivers/

    00:01.00@ 00:01.01@ 00:01.02@ 00:01.03@ 00:01.04@ 00:01.05@


    % ls -RF /sys/devices/pnp0/
    00:01/ detach_state power/

    00:01.00/ 00:01.02/ 00:01.04/ detach_state
    00:01.01/ 00:01.03/ 00:01.05/ power/

    detach_state id options power/ resources


    ...hmm, i don't see the card id on sysfs.
    i think it's not implemented yet!

    Adam, any plan to give the card id to sysfs ?

    > Oh, BTW, what are those `@' in your example? If they mean single char
    > wildcard, you should build them using `?' because modprobe is using normal
    > fnmatch to match module name against aliases.

    @ is a valid latter as the ISA pnp id string. it's not a wildcard.
    (that's one of the reasons i showed it :)

    the id consists of three letters [A-Z@] and four hex numbers
    one exception is 'XXXX' used as numbers, which means that any numbers
    match. for example, CTLXXXX matches CTL0305, CTLa12f, etc.


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