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    SubjectRe: Intel centrino drivers being withheld?
    In article <>,
    Andrew Walrond <> wrote:
    | Is anybody liasing, asisting or pressuring Intel wrt centrino wireless
    | drivers?
    | It seems to me that it could have been written at least 20 times over during
    | the time they've supposedly been in development.

    Have you looked at the Intel2100 driver linked from TuxMobil? Not ready
    for prime time yet, but someone is working on the problem. For that
    metter, *is* someone bugging Intel? I'd hate to have them say "no one
    asked," but stranger things have happened.
    | This quote from back in March annoys me somewhat:
    | "The Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker is running Linux drivers in its labs, but
    | whether or not those drivers make it out of the labs depends on customer
    | demand, said Scott McLaughlin, an Intel spokesman"
    | Well, I am demanding, and my patience is running very thin. And Amd look to be
    | releasing 64bit mobile parts soon, and appear to be very linux friendly. Am I
    | the only one getting annoyed about this?

    At the moment the Pentium-M seems to be about the longest life per pound
    going, which makes it desirable when life is more important than
    computing power. If a few hours is long enough there are lots of choices.
    | Can anybody put my mind at rest, or suggest reasons why Intel may be reluctant
    | to release the drivers?

    They may not be in a state to release. The Intel web site clearly says
    they are under development, before we decide Intel doesn't love us it
    would be nice to get an answer on this from one of the Intel folks who
    read this list.

    It could be releated to the state of APM/ACPI/suspend in 2.6, I think
    "immature" is realistic compared to 2.4, a lot of work has gone into
    it, but if the 2100 needs ACPI support, that might be an issue. It
    might not keep Intel from doing a 2.4 driver, though.

    bill davidsen <>
    CTO, TMR Associates, Inc
    Doing interesting things with little computers since 1979.
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