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SubjectRe: modular IDE in 2.4.23
> Uh. Oh. 2.4.23 IDE changes are obscure...  Modular IDE breakage is caused by
> Alan's hotplug changes and is not easy to fix properly.

The fixing is simply a matter of linkage ordering and function execution.

Simple thought experiment

Merge ide-probe into ide-core
Export a symbol for the second initializer function if used modular
Create a mini module that just invokes the exported function on init

You now have the same execution sequence but with the link problem removed.

> I would like to have these changes removed:
> (a) they break modular IDE
> (b) such changes should be first added to 2.6 and then backported to 2.4
> (otherwise you are magically creating regression in 2.6)

Its not my fault the 2.6 code is lagging badly, and I wrote the code
because people using laptops, and people using ATA and SATA for business
expect basic functionality like hotplug to work. For most of them 2.6 doesn't
really matter and won't for another 6 months, but 2.4 matters right now.

The cmd640 stuff is the only hard to fix bit, and its unrelated to the
modular IDE stuff.

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