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SubjectRe: Using get_cwd inside a module.
For changedfiles, using cut n' paste sys_getcwd, we've
managed to get "good enough" functionality. When a
user runs "touch foo" in /tmp/watch, when we intercept
the openw, we manage to resolve "foo" to
"/tmp/watch/foo". We still break on things like
"touch ../../foo", since we resolve that to
"/tmp/watch/../../foo" -- but that's pretty fixable
with a little effort.

NFS mounted filesystems still get us, since we rely on
intercepting the system calls and putting a wrapper
around them. I've looked into doing so, but I didn't
see a way of doing so in a module -- and we haven't
wanted to demand that users patch and rebuild a

--- Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

> Well, reporting a single path component relative to
> the parent directory
> is doable, there's just no way to have a canonical
> absolute or
> multi-component pathname.

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