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SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.6-mm] Fix 4G/4G X11/vm86 oops

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Zwane Mwaikambo wrote:
> I just tried the RH9 2.96 and it also triple faulted. Oh my.. The only
> unique thing about this hardware compared ot the other stuff i have here
> is that it's an AMD K6. Everything else is Intel.

Different TLB sizes (and organizations) etc can _easily_ matter, if the
Intel one just happens to work because something stays in the TLB while
the page table mapping is incorrect and keeps the system afloat.

Or - and in this case more likely - since the problem is fixed by running
a (complex) thing that trashes all over the DTLB/ITLB, it's more likely
that there might be a _missing_ TLB invalidate somewhere, and that the
Intel boxes stay up because they have a smaller TLB and the stale entry
gets flushed out early from them.

But you already tried a "flush_tlb_all()" which _should_ have flushed
absolutely everything, including global tables. I dunno. It could be
hitting a CPU bug too, of course.

It would be interesting to hear if other K6 users see problems..


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