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SubjectRe: Announce: ndiswrapper
Pontus Fuchs wrote:
> Hi,
> Since some vendors refuses to release specs or even a binary
> Linux-driver for their WLAN cards I desided to try to solve it myself by
> making a kernel module that can load Ndis (windows network driver API)
> drivers. I'm not trying to implement all of the Ndis API but rather
> implement the functions needed to get these unsupported cards working.

Sounds like a plan!

Ok, here we go with my intel PRO/2100 (those found in centrino laptops).
The drivers are taken from Acers homepage (I have an Travelmate 800)

02:04.0 Network controller: Intel Corp.: Unknown device 1043 (rev 04)

[lspci -n]
02:04.0 Class 0280: 8086:1043 (rev 04)

[utils/loaddriver 8086 1043 w70n51.sys w70n51.inf]
Calling putdriver ioctl
Unable to put driver (check dmesg for more info): Invalid argument

Putting driver size 2479104
Unknown symbol: ntoskrnl.exe:strlen
Unknown symbol: ntoskrnl.exe:memcpy
Unknown symbol: ntoskrnl.exe:memset
Unknown symbol: HAL.dll:WRITE_PORT_ULONG
Unknown symbol: HAL.dll:READ_PORT_ULONG
Unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:NdisResetEvent
Unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:NdisInitializeString
Unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:NdisMSleep
Unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:NdisUnchainBufferAtBack
Unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:NdisQueryBufferSafe
Unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:NdisGetFirstBufferFromPacketSafe
Unknown symbol: NDIS.SYS:NdisUnchainBufferAtFront
Unable to prepare driver

Christan Axelsson

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