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Subjectscsi_report_lun_scan bug?

I am using 2.6-test9-mm3. I noticed while doing
scsi_report_lun_scan(scsi_scan.c:891) the data
returned is assigned(scsi_scan.c:993) to signed char
array which causes the reported number of luns to be
huge while calculating num_luns to scan. Is there any
particular reason to be data is signed or just a bug?

I changed it to unsigned char and it seems to work
fine. I have attached a diff of scsi_scan.c. Let me
know if I am missing something.


[root@Host200-w2k root]# diff
< char *data;
> unsigned char *data;
< data = (char *) lun_data->scsi_lun;
> data = (unsigned char *) lun_data->scsi_lun;
[root@Host200-w2k root]#

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