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SubjectRe: Some thoughts about stable kernel development
Marcelo Tosatti <> writes:

> > After 2.4.23-rcX becomes final 2.4.23, the 2.4.24-preX would become
> > 2.4.24-rc1 and would be a base for 2.4.25-pre1.
> I really dont understand this "be a base for 2.4.25-pre1".

Is the same way as 2.4.24 will be - i.e. from a -pre kernel point of
view, last -rc = final.

> I guess what you mean is you want a separate 2.4.24-pre tree accepting
> "-pre" patches while 2.4.23-rc is "in stage" accepting critical bugfixes
> only.

The advantage is simple - the maintainer has to evaluate the same set
of patches once (no increase in work here) and the only additional thing
(s)he must do is deciding which (-pre and -rc or only -rc) kernels does
it go in.
Krzysztof Halasa, B*FH
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