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    SubjectRe: EFAULT reading /dev/mem... - broken x86info
    Dave Jones wrote:

    >I don't really have much insight into the behind the scenes going on's of
    >DEBUG_PAGEALLOC, so I don't know if your suggestion has merit or not.
    >Maybe Manfred can shed some insight?
    DEBUG_PAGEALLOC is not the only user of change_page_attr: gart also
    removes it's pages from the linear mapping.
    I think x86info should accept the -EFAULT as an indication that the
    targeted page is in use for other purpose, and definitively doesn't
    contain a mptable. The other option would be to change both
    DEBUG_PAGEALLOC and the AGP gart driver

    > This does seem to be a regression IMO
    >(Though I am somewhat biased as this breaks my app 8-)
    It breaks either your app or your AGP driver - what's simpler to fix?
    I'm biased, because if you update the AGP driver, then I must figure out
    how to fix DEBUG_PAGEALLOC 8-)


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