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    SubjectRe: Software RAID5 with 2.6.0-test
    Andre Tomt <> writes:

    >> > Was this a 4 port or 2 port HPT controller? Keep in mind, two disks on
    >> > the same IDE channel severely degrades performance, *especially* with
    >> > RAID.
    >> It's a four port SATA controller. I'd never even think about placing
    >> two disks on the same cable.
    > You can't either, considering it is SATA :-)
    > However, I wouln't count on superior performance from software based
    > RAID 5 (ata/fakeraid or otherwise), that is whats real raid controllers
    > are for.

    I've seen reports of people obtaining nearly 100 MB/s from software

    > Out of couriosity, how well is it performing in lets say.. a RAID10 or
    > RAID1 setup?

    I didn't try. I might, of course.

    Måns Rullgård
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