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    Subjectinitcall ordering of driver w/respect to tty_init?
    I have a tty driver, arch/v850/kernel/simcons.c, who's init function is
    called via __initcall:

    int __init simcons_tty_init (void)
    struct tty_driver *driver = alloc_tty_driver(1);
    err = tty_register_driver(driver);
    __initcall (simcons_tty_init);

    I'm getting errors because this init function is being called _before_
    tty_init, and tty_kobj (which is the `parent' kobj of simcon's kobj) is
    apparently not setup correctly yet when the simcons_tty_init calls

    Since there seems to be no way of ordering basic initcalls, I can see
    why it's happening. But what's the proper way to avoid this? Other
    tty drivers that call tty_register_driver also seem to get initialized
    via initcalls (usually declared with module_init), so maybe this
    problem exists for other drivers too.


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