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    SubjectNFS speed problem when appending data to existing files

    the following command

    for i in `seq 1 10240`; do dd if=/dev/zero bs=100 count=1 2> /dev/null | tee -a tmp0; done

    is very slow on a nfs mounted homedir and I get lots of error messages

    nfs: server xxxxxx not responding, still trying
    nfs: server xxxxxx OK

    on the client side (2.4.22, server is a 2.4.21 kernel based nfsd). Only
    appending small amounts of data to an existing file shows the problem.
    Writing a large file happens at FastEthernet speed flawlessly. Any help,


    Torsten Werner Dresden University of Technology +49 351 46336711 / +49 162 3123004 telefax: +49 351 46336809

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