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    SubjectLinux 2.6.0-test7 - stability freeze

    The -test7 kernel is out there now - I'm not reaching, but it's
    on the other BK sites, and the tar-ball and patches are uploading to right now.

    The biggest part of the test7 patches are:
    - s390 update
    - DVB update
    - NFS (v4 in particular) update
    - cpufreq updates
    - ACPI update

    A lot of the rest are basically a lot of small onelines, along with fairly
    minor updates (networking fixes for shared skb's for remaining cases,
    janitorials, cleanups etc).

    The more interesting thing is that I and Andrew are trying to calm down
    development, and I do _not_ want to see patches that don't fix a real and
    clear bug. In other words, the "cleanup and janitorial" stuff is on hold,
    and -test8 and then -test9 should be for _stability_ fixes only.

    In other words, this should calm things down so that by the end of October
    we can look at the state of 2.6.0 without having a lot of noise from "not
    strictly necessary" stuff.



    Summary of changes from v2.6.0-test6 to v2.6.0-test7


    o PCI Hotplug: export hotplug_slots subsys

    Achim Laubner:
    o gdth driver update

    Adrian Bunk:
    o select for fs/Kconfig

    Alan Stern:
    o USB: unusual_devs.h update

    Alexander Viro:
    o EFS set_blocksize() error handling
    o Better UDF oops fix
    o Improve sget() performance

    Alexey Dobriyan:
    o PCI: Remove setting TASK_RUNNING after schedule_timeout in

    o USB: New unusual_devs.h entry (Minolta DiMAGE E223 Digital Camera)

    Andi Kleen:
    o Reserve vserver syscall for x86-64
    o Fix -Wdeclaration-after-statement warnings for x86-64
    o Fix x86-64 compilation
    o Fix linux32 personality on x86-64
    o Remove outdated URLs from x86-64 Kconfig
    o UID16 fixes
    o cpufreq for x86-64
    o Fix x86-64 signal FPU saving bug
    o [NET]: Fix obvious 64bit bug/warning in farsync.c
    o [NET]: Fix 64-bit bugs in dscc4.c

    Andrew Morton:
    o [NET]: Fix xfrm_algo.c module exports
    o dscc4 warning fixes
    o Fix memory leak in hugetlbfs
    o Fix double request_region in com20020
    o Add bin2c copyrights
    o Add missing label in isdn_common.c
    o dev_t forward compatibility fix
    o x86 mman.h fix
    o memory writeback/invalidation fixes
    o table-driven filesystems option parsing
    o module parameter array fixes
    o check permission in ->open for /proc/sys/
    o fix memleak in mtd/chips/cfi_cmdset_0020.c
    o Fix bug in SELinux convert_context
    o Pass nameidata to security_inode_permission hook
    o scripts/pnmtologo.c warning fixes
    o befs: fix resource leak on register_filesystem failure
    o misc fixes
    o /proc/PID/auxv file and NT_AUXV core note
    o update Documentation/iostats.txt
    o Fix compile warning in g_NCR5380
    o Fix allyesconfig for HugeTLB-less archs
    o ioctl32 fix to SG_IO
    o Update James Morris's email address
    o update unistd.h for sys_vserver
    o Disable floppy and the related ioctl32s on some platforms
    o fix skb leak
    o more raw driver minor numbers
    o boot-time selectable log buffer size
    o Clean up MAX_NR_NODES/NUMNODES/etc. [1-5]
    o node enumeration fixes
    o compat ioctl consolidation
    o document the macro for translating PROT_ to VM_ bits
    o /proc/sys/auxv
    o kernel documentation fixes
    o EISA_bus cleanup
    o ext3 block allocator locking fix
    o dscc4 driver fixes
    o cpufreq sysfs oops fix
    o move job control fields from task_struct to
    o fix "compat ioctl consolidation" for "move job
    o fix pte_chain leak in do_no_page()
    o fix ia64 core dump code

    Andries E. Brouwer:
    o affs, befs, ext3, fat, freevxfs, hfs, hpfs, jbd, jfs sparse fixes

    Armin Schindler:
    o Eicon ISDN driver: fix compile error
    o Eicon ISDN driver: cleanups

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:
    o distribute EXPORT_SYMBOLS from netsyms.c and ksyms.c to the
    places that define them. Avoid centralization.
    o net/netsyms.c and kernel/ksyms.c bite the dust
    o [NET]: asm-parisc/checksum.h needs linux/in6.h
    o asus_acpi: don't include modversions.h

    Arun Sharma:
    o [COMPAT]: Fix net bonding driver ioctl translations

    Bart De Schuymer:
    o [EBTABLES]: Add ebt_limit match
    o [EBTABLES]: Use vlan_hdr not vlan_ethhdr in ebt_vlan.c
    o [BRIDGE]: Let {ip,arp}tables see bridged VLAN packets

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
    o fix /proc/ide/hdX/settings
    o update ali14xx driver
    o update dtc2278 driver
    o update ht6560b driver
    o update qd65xx driver
    o update umc8672 driver
    o small cleanup for VIA IDE driver
    o update pdc4030 driver
    o small cleanup for AMD/nVidia IDE driver
    o cmd64x: kill dummy init_dma_cmd64x()
    o cs5530: kill dummy init_dma_cs5530()
    o generic: kill dummy init_dma_generic()
    o hpt34x: kill dummy init_dma_hpt34x()
    o it8172: kill dummy init_dma_it8172()
    o ns87415: kill dummy init_dma_ns87415()
    o opti621: kill dummy init_dma_opti621()
    o pdc202xx_new: kill dummy init_dma_pdc202new()
    o piix: kill dummy init_dma_piix()
    o sc1200: kill dummy init_dma_sc1200()
    o siimage: kill dummy init_dma_siimage()
    o sis5513: kill dummy init_dma_sis5513()
    o slc90e66: kill dummy init_dma_slc90e66()
    o remove PDC-ADMA placeholders

    Ben Fennema:
    o UDF oops on inode read failure

    Bjorn Helgaas:
    o [SERIAL] 2.6 ACPI serial discovery
    o [SERIAL] remove unused RS_TABLE definitions
    o [SERIAL] removing legacy UART cruft
    o [Serial] Fix warnings in 8250_acpi

    Brian Gerst:
    o i386 do_machine_check() is redundant

    Chas Williams:
    o [ATM]: Eliminate atm_find_ci()
    o [ATM]: Convert VCC list to hash

    Chen Yang:
    o InterMezzo maintainence patch

    Christoph Hellwig:
    o [PCMCIA] kill useless CS_RELEASE printing

    Daniel Drake:
    o USB brlvger: Debug code fixes
    o (2.6.0-test6-bk) DocBook: Kernel-api build fix

    Daniel Ritz:
    o [PCMCIA] Add missing ZV parts

    Dave Jones:
    o [CPUFREQ] Typo
    o [CPUFREQ] Merge AMD Opteron/Athlon64 powernow driver
    o [CPUFREQ] update supported CPUs list in Documentation
    o [CPUFREQ] powernow-k8 compile fix
    o [CPUFREQ] Fix ordering in kconfig
    o megaraid ULL fix
    o K7 MCE handler fixes
    o Correct address in MAINTAINERS
    o ULL fixes for qlogicfc
    o Cleanup SEP errata workaround
    o fix leak in btaudio
    o logic thinko in i2c
    o Correct URL in h8300 README
    o VIA Typo in i2c
    o [AGPGART] New VIA AGP PCI id
    o [CPUFREQ] Longhaul >v1 can't use EBLCR for FSB, has to calculate it
    o [CPUFREQ] powernow-k8 isn't using cpufreq table helpers yet
    o [CPUFREQ] fix up the invalid usage of pol->policy in drv_init()
    o [CPUFREQ] update URL
    o [CPUFREQ] find_closest_fid() can be static
    o [CPUFREQ] powernow-k8 Namespace cleanups
    o [CPUFREQ] Fix my breakage of Dominik's powernow-k8 ->govenor fix
    o [CPUFREQ] Fix documentation pathname typos
    o [CPUFREQ] Enable support for VIA Ezra-T processors in longhaul
    o [CPUFREQ] Rename longhaul frequency tables. longhaul1 -> samuel1
    o [CPUFREQ] Document early samuel2 ratios
    o [CPUFREQ] More ratio table renames. longhaul2 -> ezra
    o [CPUFREQ] Ratio table renames longhaul3/c3m -> ezrat
    o [CPUFREQ] cleanup longhaul header file
    o [CPUFREQ] Fix misnaming of VIA Samuel2 CPUs
    o [CPUFREQ] Add VIA Nehemiah scaling ratios

    David S. Miller:
    o [KERNEL]: Do not export set_cpus_allowed twice, and only if
    o [IPV4]: Do pskb_may_pull in arp_rcv() not arp_process()
    o [IPV4]: In arp_rcv(), inspect skb->nh.arph after pskb_may_pull()
    not before
    o [SPARC64]: Always use sethi+jmpl to reach VISenter{,half}
    o [NETFILTER]: Add sysctl values missing from recent commit
    o [ELF]: Handle auxv bits more cleanly in mixed 32/64 bit
    o [ELF]: Fix bug in previous change, forgot to advance ei_index over
    AT_NULL entry
    o [SPARC64]: vmap/vunmap cache flushing need not do anything
    o [SPARC]: Reserve syscall slot for VSERVER
    o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
    o [SPARC64]: Kill stray task->tty reference in Solaris module
    o [SPARC64]: Clean up uid16 usage just like x86_64 did
    o [ECONET]: Fix packet handler to be PKT_CAN_SHARE_SKB
    o [BPQETHER]: Fix packet handler to be PKT_CAN_SHARE_SKB
    o [LAPB]: Fix packet handlers to be PKT_CAN_SHARE_SKB
    o [IPV4]: Fix ipconfig to be PKT_CAN_SHARE_SKB
    o [X25]: Fix to be PKT_CAN_SHARE_SKB
    o [NET]: Add missing skb_share_check() calls to
    o [NETLINK]: Set socket error on netlink_ack() allocation failure
    o [NET]: Delete support for old-style protocols, no longer necessary
    o [NET]: Size hh_cache->hh_data[] properly
    o [SPARC64]: Export csum_partial()
    o [SUNRPC]: Printf pointers correctly
    o [NFS]: Fix printf format warnings in fs/nfs/nfs4xdr.c
    o [USB]: Fix encapsulation of int inside of pointer in code/file.c
    o [UDP/TCP]: Fix binding conflict tests wrt. SO_BINDTODEVICE
    o [UDP]: Fix typo in SO_BINDTODEVICE changes

    Dean Roehrich:
    o [XFS] Change dm_send_destroy_event to use vnode ptrs rather than
    bhv ptrs
    o [XFS] Make dm_send_data_event use vp rather than bhv

    Deepak Saxena:
    o [ARM PATCH] 1624/1: BE support for io-readsl-armv4.S,
    io-reads-armv4.S, io-writesw-armv4.S

    Duncan Sands:
    o USB speedtouch: extra debug messages
    o USB speedtouch: reduce memory usage
    o USB speedtouch: neater check

    Eric Brower:
    o [SPARC64]: Fix kernel_thread() return value check in envctrl.c

    Eric Sandeen:
    o [XFS] Allow full 32 bits in sector number when XFS_BIG_BLKNOS not
    o [XFS] Fix large filesystem mounts on 64-bit platforms (2.6.x change
    o [XFS] Fix arg sent to XFS_SEND_DATA - vnode, not bhv
    o [XFS] Re-work pagebuf stats macros to help support per-cpu data

    François Romieu:
    o Fix debug statement after return in

    Geert Uytterhoeven:
    o m68k zImage
    o Q40/Q60 interrupts
    o Sun-3 bootmem
    o Sun-3 SCSI
    o Q40/Q60 interrupts
    o M68k PCI
    o M68k bitops
    o Atari ST-RAM missing include
    o Mac SWIM floppy missing include
    o Atari ACSI fix
    o Macintosh 8390 Ethernet update
    o Atari Hades support is broken
    o Atari ST-RAM swap is broken
    o Macintosh SWIM IOP floppy is broken
    o Atari ACSI is broken
    o 53c7xx SCSI core is broken
    o Amiga A2091 SCSI is broken
    o Amiga GVP-II SCSI is broken
    o Atari Bionet Ethernet is broken
    o Atari Pamsnet Ethernet is broken
    o MVME166/7 CD2401 serial is broken
    o Macintosh CS89x0 Ethernet is broken
    o Atari frame buffer device is broken
    o Amiga CyberVision 64 frame buffer device is broken
    o Amiga Retina Z3 frame buffer device is broken
    o Amiga Cybervision 64/3D frame buffer device is broken
    o Sun-3/3x frame buffer device is broken
    o Atari NCR5380 SCSI is broken
    o Macintosh SMC 9194 Ethernet is broken
    o Dmasound config
    o Amiga Zorro bus doc updates
    o Amiga A2091 SCSI fix
    o Amiga GVP-II SCSI fix
    o Zorro include guards
    o Amiga A2232 Serial typo
    o M68k sched_clock()
    o Generic serial warning

    Gerd Knorr:
    o v4l: videobuf update
    o v4l: bttv driver update
    o v4l: saa7146 driver update
    o saa7134 driver update

    Greg Kroah-Hartman:
    o USB: convert usbfs to use new fs parser code
    o USB: port keyspan patch from 2.4 to 2.6
    o USB: fix up some non-GPL friendly license wording

    Harald Welte:
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix UDP checksum in ip_nat_mangle_udp_packet, remove
    skb->csum hacks
    o [NETFILTER]: Cosmetic update to ip6t_ipv6header
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix SO_ORIGINAL_DST, broken by earlier endianness

    Herbert Xu:
    o [IPIP]: Avoid duplicate policy checks
    o [NETLINK]: netlink.h needs types.h

    Hirofumi Ogawa:
    o VFAT: ->i_[cam]time cleanups (1/6)
    o use ->d_lock instead of dcache_lock in vfat_revalidate (2/6)
    o Fix unrecognized option of fat (3/6)
    o Fix cleanup option of fat (4/6)
    o lib/parser: Use "%u" instead "%d" (5/6)
    o lib/parser: Not recognize nul string as "%s" (6/6)

    Ivan Kokshaysky:
    o Alpha cypress CPU frequency calibration

    Jan Kara:
    o Quota bugfix

    Jan Oravec:
    o [IPV6]: Deactivate timers properly in ipv6_mc_destroy_dev()

    Jay Estabrook:
    o for Alpha against 2.6.0-test6

    Jeff Garzik:
    o [MCA] include linux/mca-legacy.h directly, to access deprecated MCA
    o [MCA] convert mca-proc to use not-deprecated functions
    o [MCA] don't include linux/mca-legacy.h from linux/mca.h
    o [wireless arlan] fix modular build
    o Misc warning fixes
    o [janitor] Replace bcopy() uses with memcpy(), where possible
    o [BK] "bk ignore" aic7xxx auto-generated files

    Jens Axboe:
    o make ide-floppy work
    o check copy_from_user return value in sony535

    Jes Sorensen:
    o qla1280 locking update

    Joe Perches:
    o USB: include/linux/usb.h

    John Levon:
    o fix warning with CONFIG_PROFILING=y

    Jozsef Kadlecsik:
    o [NETFILTER]: Make conntrack timeouts become sysctls

    Julian Anastasov:
    o [KERNEL]: Introduce list_for_each_entry_continue
    o [IPVS]: Simplify ip_vs_wrr_gcd_weight
    o [IPVS]: The NQ scheduler must not return servers with weight 0
    o [IPVS]: Use list_for_each_entry_continue in some schedulers
    o [IPVS]: Properly handle non-linear skbs
    o [IPVS]: remove some unused fields from the protocols
    o [IPV4/IPV6]: Do not modify skb->h.raw until skb is unshared
    o [IPVS]: Avoid returning NF_DROP from the packet schedulers

    Jörn Engel:
    o Fix wrong CONFIG_* in comment

    Len Brown:
    o sync 2.4.22 changes into 2.6 Note that this restores
    CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY as a sub-set of CONFIG_ACPI rather than a
    o Handle BIOS with _CRS that fails (Jun Nakajima)
    o [ACPI] Handle systems that specify non-ACPI-compliant SCI
    over-rides (Jun Nakajima)
    o Extended IRQ resource type for nForce (Andrew de Quincey)
    o IBM ThinkPAD T30/T40 oops (David Shaohua Li)
    o remove ASUS A7V BIOS version 1011 from blacklist (Eric Valette)
    o ACPI_CA_VERSION 0x20030916
    o [ACPI] avoid alloc_bootmem() for accessing ACPI tables some
    platforms use ACPI tables to find memory (Jesse Barnes)
    o [ACPI] Fix IO-APIC mode SCI interrupt storm on Tyan
    o [ACPI] acpi_disabled is used after __initdata is freed
    o [ACPI] fix IO-APIC mode SCI storm due to sharing with PCI device
    (David Shaohua Li)
    o [ACPI] remove __initdata from acpi_disabled for module use (Andi
    o [ACPI] For ThinkPad -- carry on in face of ECDT probe failure (Andi
    o [ACPI] ACPI Component Architecture 20030918 (Bob Moore)
    o [ACPI] CONFIG_ACPI is no longer necessary to enable HT (from
    o [ACPI] add CONFIG_ACPI_RELAXED_AML to config menu
    o [ACPI] acpi_pci_link_allocate() should stick with if
    set. (Andrew de Quincey) Fixes OSDL #1186 "broken USB" and others
    o [ACPI] GV3 IO port is 16-bits (Venkatesh Pallipadi)
    o [ACPI] acpi4asus-0.24a-0.25-2.6.0-test (Karol Kozimor)
    o [ACPI] acpi4asus-0.25-0.26.diff (Karol Kozimor)
    o [ACPI] build fix: remove 2nd __exit from asus_acpi.c
    o [ACPI] deal with lack of acpi prt entries gracefully (Jesse Barnes)

    Linus Torvalds:
    o Select the i8042 driver for mouse and keyboard only on PC's
    o Fix bogus preprocessor end comment to match the real scope
    o Use "select" instead of "depends on" to select GAMEPORT support
    automatically for the sound drivers that require it.
    o Fix PCMCIA cut-and-paste cs.c bug introduced by the recent update.
    o Fix __wake_up_sync() module export. It hadn't been correcly moved
    from kernel/ksyms.c to kernel/sched.c.
    o Avoid warnings in uid/gid usage by making the assignment
    unconditional. Simplify the macros.
    o Fix up recent net/ipv4/ipconfig.c typo breakage
    o Revert the move of ptrinfo - it may make NOMMU compile, but it
    breaks everybody else.

    Luiz Capitulino:
    o USB: fix drivers/usb/host/uhci-debug.c warning when !CONFIG_PROC_FS
    o [IPV4]: Fix route.c build warning when procfs is disabled

    Marc Zyngier:
    o ne3210 update

    Martin Schwidefsky:
    o s390 (1/7): base patch
    o s390 (2/7): common i/o layer
    o s390 (3/7): dasd driver
    o s390 (4/7): ctc driver
    o s390 (5/7): iucv driver
    o s390 (6/7): qeth driver
    o s390 (7/7): zfcp host adapter

    Matthew Dharm:
    o USB: fix freecom.c

    Matthew Wilcox:
    o Remove ELF_CORE_SYNC
    o PA-RISC updates
    o unify drivers/Kconfig

    Matthias Urlichs:
    o minor edit typo

    Michael Hunold:
    o DVB: MAINTAINERS, CREDITS, ioctl-number.txt updates
    o Update V4L2 "Hexium" driver
    o firmware update for av7110 dvb driver
    o add new DVB-T frontend driver
    o video capture updates for saa7146 core
    o multiple device *read* opens support
    o update copyright and licensing
    o usual c99 initializer fixes
    o various patches for non-av7110 dvb-drivers
    o various av7110 dvb-driver updates
    o update dvb frontend drivers
    o Kconfig and Makefile updates, inspired by Adrian Bunk and Roman
    o some more av7110 dvb-driver updates
    o fix v4l1 backward compatibility in saa7146 driver
    o firmware blob for new DVB-T frontend driver

    Michael Shields:
    o [SPARC64]: Fix watchdog on CP1500/Netra-t1
    o [SPARC64]: Fix typo in bbc_envctrl.c

    Mikael Pettersson:
    o fix drivers/char/misc.c module autoloading breakage

    Miles Bader:
    o Triple the memory size used on the v850 gdb simulator
    o Add sched_clock on v850
    o Remove some old debugging stuff on the v850
    o Update v850 Kconfig debugging menu
    o Move `ptrinfo' function from mm/slab.c to mm/memory.c
    o Changes to v850 platform linker-script fragments

    Nathan Scott:
    o [XFS] Clean up inode revalidation code slightly

    Nick Piggin:
    o remove bogus UP on SMP kernel error
    o AS fix
    o AS buglet
    o remove io context refcounting debug

    Nicolas Pitre:
    o [ARM PATCH] 1674/1: better ARM division routines
    o [ARM PATCH] 1660/1: misc PXA/Lubbock fixes

    Patrick McHardy:
    o [NETFILTER]: Don't call ip_conntrack_put with ip_conntrack_lock
    o [NETFILTER]: Add size check for udp packet mangling
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix REJECT is used in LOCAL_OUT

    Patrick Mochel:
    o [pci] Remove drivers/pci/power.c
    o [pci] Remove ->save_state() from struct pci_driver
    o [pci] Really delete drivers/pci/power.c
    o Remove ->save_state() in nsp32.c
    o Remove ->save_state() from vlsi_ir.c
    o Remove ->save_state() in sc1200.c

    Paul Mackerras:
    o PPC32: Reformat bits of include/asm-ppc/uaccess.h
    o PPC32: Add hook for Mac-on-Linux to use exception vector 0x2f00
    o PPC32: Make 4 the default for CONFIG_NR_CPUS on PPC32
    o PPC32: Update defconfigs

    Pete Zaitcev:
    o [SPARC]: jsflash update

    Petr Vandrovec:
    o [IPV4]: Fix deadlock on ip_mc_list->lock

    Petri Koistinen:
    o [NET]: Modernize network device help text
    o [CRYPTO]: Kconfig URL updates

    Randy Dunlap:
    o janitor: fix cciss for !CONFIG_PROC_FS
    o janitor: Audit av7110_ir_init
    o janitor: opl3sa2 cleanups/checker
    o janitor: cleanup includes (sound/oss)
    o janitor: cleanup includes (drivers/char)
    o janitor: fix toshiba for !CONFIG_PROC_FS
    o janitor: saa7146_register_extension failure report back its
    o janitor: convert strtok to strsep (sound/oss)
    o janitor: init_nfsd() error handling
    o janitor: cleanup includes (mtd)
    o janitor: cpqarray for !CONFIG_PROC_FS
    o janitor: saa7146_register_extension failure report (ttpci)
    o janitor: cleanup includes (media/video)
    o janitor: cleanup includes (oss/dmasound)
    o janitor: cleanup includes (wireless/arlan)
    o janitor: Audit copy_to_user (ttusb)
    o janitor: fix for not CONFIG_PROC_FS
    o janitor: cleanup includes (drivers/media)
    o janitor: cleanup includes (cdrom)
    o janitor: saa7146_register_extension (ci) failure report
    o janitor: cleanup includes (telephony)
    o janitor: cleanup includes (drivers/video)
    o janitor: cleanup includes (acpi)
    o [NET]: Remove verify_area() in net/wan/sbni (from
    o janitor: schedule_timeout sets curr->state (arm)
    o [NET]: schedule_timeout() sets curr_state, from Alexey Dobriyan
    o [COSA]: schedule_timeout() sets curr_state, from Alexey Dobriyan
    o [ATM]: schedule_timeout() sets curr_state, from Alexey Dobriyan
    o fix warning in mm/memory for SWAP=n

    Randy Hron:
    o [PCMCIA] remove unneeded includes

    Rik van Riel:
    o syscall number for vserver

    Robert Johnson:
    o PCI: __init documetation

    Robin Farine:
    o [ARM PATCH] 1675/1: remove definitions of non-implemented system
    calls from include/asm-arm/unistd.h

    Roland McGrath:
    o fix vsyscall page in core dumps
    o remove unused `locks' field from task_struct

    Rolf Eike Beer:
    o shut up gcc 3.3 for scripts/pnmtologo.c

    Russell King:
    o [PCMCIA] Socket quiescing changes
    o [SERIAL] Change maintainer entry for serial
    o [ARM] Fix ARM "make help" output
    o [ARM] Select decompressor mmu handling based upon the architecture
    o [ARM] Remove redundant include of net/bluetooth/Kconfig
    o [ARM] Add ARMv5TEJ to processor architecture list
    o [ARM] Add system device for LEDs
    o [ARM] leds.c, being so basic, needs linux/compiler.h
    o [ARM] Make ARM use Pat's generic PM suspend to RAM support
    o [ARM] Make die() more correct
    o [ARM] Prepare Integrator support code for multiple machine support
    o [ARM] Clean up Integrator interrupt number definitions
    o [ARM] Move Integrator flash map to driver model
    o [ARM] Add sysdev model for Integrator/AP
    o [ARM] Update Integrator IRQ decoding
    o [ARM] Fix badly placed writeback/invalidation fixes
    o [ARM] Ensure BK file modes allow others to read
    o Fix sysrq-t free stack output

    Rusty Russell:
    o [NETFILTER]: LOCAL_OUT NAT fix, part 2
    o Bugzilla bug # 267 - scripts_ver_linux fix
    o Use mod_timer in net_wanrouter_af_wanpipe.c
    o Remove extra #includes
    o Remove racy check_mem_region() call from pcbit_drv.c
    o Obvious sched doc fix
    o Rearrange error handling in fs_pipe.c a bit
    o Bugzilla bug # 984 - 2.6 readme is still for 2.5
    o Add hint on sysrq on some keyboards
    o Fix Linux 2.5 -> Linux 2.6
    o correct number of CPUs in Kconfig help file
    o Documentation_vm_hugetlbfs.txt cleanup
    o kconfig language doc r.e. ---help---
    o hlist constification
    o drivers_media_Kconfig URL update
    o sysv_hash() is cleanups
    o drivers_ide_Kconfig URL updates
    o Update for Documentation_binfmt_misc-document
    o Fix comment in parse_hex_value
    o irq_affinity_write_proc no longer writes garbage into irq proc
    o More modules.txt removals
    o [PATCH ac97_plugin_ad1980.c: warning fix
    o Bugzilla bug # 993 - Documenation_Changes still reads 2.5
    o update Kanoj Sarcar email address in docs
    o Get rid of magic numbers in fs
    o unused variable in drivers_char_esp.c
    o drivers_cpufreq_Kconfig URL update
    o ISDN PCBIT: fix nonmodular compile
    o Change list_emtpy() to take a const pointer
    o 2 spelling patches in helps
    o Small cleanups for input
    o unused variable in drivers_char_isicom.c
    o Christoph Hellwig no longer works at Caldera
    o Documentation_Changes visual cleanup

    Sam Ravnborg:
    o kbuild: Remove all cscope files during mrproper
    o kbuild: fixes for separate output directory

    Sander van Malssen:
    o fix btaudio error case

    Sridhar Samudrala:
    o [SCTP] PPC64 port: Don't overload the optval arg of ADDRS_NUM
    o [SCTP] ADDIP: Support to send ASCONF chunk with ADD/DEL IP params
    o [SCTP] ADDIP: Handle ERROR chunk in response to an ASCONF chunk
    o [SCTP] ADDIP: Support for the creation of ASCONF_ACK chunk (Kevin)
    o [SCTP] Convert tv_add from static inline to a macro to fix an
    obscure assembler problem with parisc64.
    o [SCTP] Fix bugs in conversions between msecs and jiffies

    Stephen Hemminger:
    o Fix warnings in hamradio/baycom build
    o [IRDA]: Get rid of destructor for irda devices
    o [IRDA]: Add alloc_irdadev() interface
    o [IRDA]: Convert irport to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Convert ali-ircc to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Convert donauboe to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Convert nsc-ircc to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Convert w83977af_ir to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Convert sir to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Convert via-ircc to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Use unregister_netdev instead of explicit reference to
    o [IRDA]: Use register_netdev instead of explicit reference to
    o [IRDA]: In smsc-ircc2 use request_region instead of check_region
    o [IRDA]: In smsc-ircc2 use request_region earlier in the setup
    o [IRDA]: In smsc-ircc2, fix whitespace and indentation
    o [IRDA]: Convert smsc-ircc2 to alloc_irdadev()
    o [IRDA]: Convert irda-usb to alloc_irdadev()
    o [NET]: Consolidate skb delivery
    o [NET]: More likely/unlikely in skbuff.h
    o [NET]: syncppp needs to pullup headers
    o [IRDA]: Dongle module owner support
    o [IRDA]: Missing header file change from dongle owner changes
    o [IRDA]: Tekram dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: act200l dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: actisys dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: ep7211_ir dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: esi dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: girbil dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: litelink dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: ma600 dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: mcp2120 dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: old_belkin dongle module conversion
    o [IRDA]: Fix BUG() in irlmp seq file code
    o [IRDA]: Fix spinlock badness in last dongle changes
    o [NET]: Convert dvb-net to use alloc_netdev()
    o monotonic seqlock for cyclone timer
    o monotonic seqlock for HPET timer

    Stephen Lord:
    o [XFS] Be consistent about when we dump error messages. Make sure
    the hex component of an error message only comes out when the
    message does.
    o [XFS] use dev_t less in xfs
    o [XFS] Switch pagebuf hashing to be based on the block_device
    address rather than the dev_t. Should give better distribution. Mod
    from Al Viro.
    o Remove dead file xfs_attr_fetch.c
    o [XFS] Remove dead flags
    o [XFS] remove unused va_fsid field
    o [XFS] remove dead function xfs_trans_iput
    o [XFS] Fix a broken interaction between a buffered read into an
    unwritten extent and a direct write
    o [XFS] Fix build
    o [XFS] fix merge error in pagebuf flush logic, bogus spinlock obtain
    was left in the code.
    o [XFS] fix the other half of the merge snafu
    o [XFS] fix log recovery report string formatting
    o [XFS] Re-work pagebuf & xfs stats to use per-cpu variables - big
    globals that are written all the time
    o [XFS] Close some holes in the metadata flush logic used during
    unmount, make sure we have no pending I/O completion calls for
    metadata, and that we only keep hold of metadata buffers for I/O
    completion if we want to. Still not perfect, but better than it
    o [XFS] When calculating the number of pages to probe for an
    unwritten extent, use the size of the extent, not the page count of
    the pagebuf which is initialized to zero.
    o [XFS] Either handle preemption with get/put or not, but don't get
    without a put! Fix code for preemptable kernels.
    o [XFS] Code cleanup
    o [XFS] Code cleanup
    o [XFS] small cleanup

    Steven Cole:
    o USB: remove reference to modules.txt in drivers/usb/input/Kconfig

    Tiago Sousa:
    o [NETFILTER]: Add support for mIRC's 'server lookup' DCC address
    detection to ip_conntrack_irc.c

    Tom Rini:
    o [SERIAL] Fix for NS16550A on a Super I/O on PPC
    o [SERIAL] Make the Startech UART detection 'more correct'
    o PPC32: Move a few more IBM-40x specific SPRs to the right file

    Tommy Christensen:
    o [VLAN]: Do not modify the data of shared SKBs

    Trond Myklebust:
    o UDP round trip timer fix. Modify Karn's algorithm so that we
    inherit timeouts from previous requests.
    o Make the client act correctly if the RPC server's asserts that it
    does not support a given program, version or procedure call.
    o Fix up hangs with the upcall mechanism for RPCSEC_GSS and the NFSv4
    o Increase the NFS readahead so that we at least fill the RPC slot
    o Fix an Oops in the NFSv4 asynchronous unlink code. The v4 getattr
    "bitmap" was allocated on the stack.
    o Clean up the nfs_fhget() function. Have the called pass the
    superblock as a parameter instead of passing it in the form
    o Rename the struct "nfs4_shareowner". The name was confusing and
    didn't really relate to any of the RFCs.
    o The NFSv4 state model assumes that the client machine identifies
    itself to the server once and once only.
    o Simplify the synchronous NFS read call interface by passing a
    pointer to a filled nfs_read_data structure (the same struct used
    by the asynchronous function calls)
    o Simplify NFS synchronous write call interface. Pass a pointer to a
    filled nfs_write_data struct like we do for asynchronous function
    o NFSv4 state model update
    o Clean up the nfs4_stateid and nfs4_verifier typedefs

    Ulrich Drepper:
    o [NET]: Use task->tgid instead of task->pid in SCM credentials code

    Urban Widmark:
    o [SMBFS]: Create OLD_TO_NEW_foo macros in highuid.h and use them
    instead of direct references to low2highfoo.

    Vinay K. Nallamothu:
    o [X25]: Use mod_timer(), add missing sock locking to x25_accept()

    Wensong Zhang:
    o [IPVS] fix the unlocking bug in the ip_vs_conn_seq_stop

    Wim Van Sebroeck:
    o USB: problem with uhci-hcd in versions 2.6.0-test5 and 2.6.0-test6

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