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    SubjectRe: Circular Convolution scheduler
    Ok, I'll admit my ignorance.  What is circular convolution?  Where can 
    I learn more?


    Clayton Weaver wrote:
    > Though the mechanism is doubtless familiar
    > to signal processing and graphics implementers,
    > it's probably not thought of much in a
    > process scheduling contex (although there was
    > the Evolution Scheduler of a few years ago,
    > whose implementer may have had something like
    > circular convolution in mind). It just seems to me
    > (intuition) that the concept of what circular convolution does is akin to what we've been
    > feeling around for with these ad hoc heuristic
    > tweaks to the scheduler to adjust for interactivity
    > and batch behavior, searching for an incremental self-adjusting mechanism that favors interactivity
    > on demand.
    > I've never implemented a circular convolver in
    > any context, so I was wondering if anyone who
    > has thinks scheduler prioritization would be
    > simpler if implemented directly as a circular convolution.
    > (If nothing else, it seems to me that the abstract model of what the schedule prioritizer is doing
    > would be more coherent than it is with ad hoc
    > code. This perhaps reduces the risk of unexpected side-effects of incremental tweaks to the scheduler. The behavior of an optimizer that implements
    > an integer approximation of a known mathematical transform when you change its inputs is fairly predictable.)
    > Regards,
    > Clayton Weaver
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    George Anzinger
    Preemption patch:

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