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SubjectRe: devfs and udev
Greg KH <> writes:

>> > > What am I supposed to do, starting to use mknod again? Uggggh...
>> >
>> > Provide me with a kernel name to devfs name mapping file so that I can
>> > create a "devfs like" udev config file for people who happen to like
>> > that naming scheme.
>> It seems that we have a bit of misunderstanding here.
>> I just don't want to go back to /dev being actually placed on
>> real, on-disk fs.
>> I won't mind if naming scheme will change as long
>> as device names start with '/dev/' and appear
>> there (semi-)automagically. That's what I call devfs.
>> If udev can do this, I am all for that.
> udev can do this. Is there some documentation that you read that has
> suggested otherwise?

It's been my understanding that udev creates device nodes in a regular
filesystem. If this is the case, things like unclean reboots will
leave stale files behind. It will also not be easy to
bootstrap. Correct me if am wrong.

Måns Rullgård

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