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SubjectRe: hello, i need some help

2.5.xx is quite old, use 2.6.0-testX (2.6.0-test6 is the latest/greatest).

On Tuesday 07 of October 2003 18:36, linuxcompilerdd wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem booting the kernel.
> Now i am using kernel 2.4.20 and it is working nice but when I try to boot
> 2.5.xx I obtain this error:
> VFS:cannot open root device "hdb5" or hdb5
> After working on it, now I am sure that the problem is on the hard disk
> because I have an AWARD 4.51 and my hdb is an 60Gb disk so I use the STROKE
> from SEAGATE to use it.
> I don`t have any problem on 2.x.xx but I cannot boot on it now.
> I have booted the same kernel that displayed the error in other system and
> it booted perfectly, so the problem resides on the hdb.
> I wish you could help me resolving it, maybe a patch for the drive...
> I hope your answer.
> Thank u
> Guille

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