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    SubjectRe: devfs vs. udev
    Andreas Jellinghaus <> writes:

    >> I just hope udev can give a look/feel similar to devfs as I have quite a
    >> few machines already in production configured for devfs and really like
    >> the manageablility.
    > I wonder: do you use the /dev/disc/* links, or the /dev/ide/... and
    > /dev/scsi/... constructs? I'm not sure how udev will be able to
    > support both layouts.
    > Also: do you prefer a devs compatible layout, or maybe use the change
    > for a cleanup? a short list of obscurities: /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 but
    > /dev/printers/0 and /dev/tts/0 and /dev/floppy but /dev/discs etc. also
    > all floppy devices are in /dev/floopy, where each disc has is
    > /dev/discs/discN directory/symlink. I think it's a good opportunity
    > for a cleanup, but that wouldn't be compatible...

    I'm all for a cleanup. Changing things don't bother me, I just want a
    good reason.

    Måns Rullgård

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