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SubjectRe: powernow-k8: don't crash system at boot
On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 09:00:57PM +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:

<Please don't send these to Rusty, such changes are far from trivial.
Not that I don't trust Rusty to pass on them, but it's one less thing
he has to worry about..>

> powernow-k8 module fails to initialize government on boot, leading to
> nasty crash at boot.

See below.

> This fixes it. Plus find_closest_find really wants to be static. Fix
> it, too.

Applied. Thanks.

> @@ -971,6 +971,7 @@
> pol->cpuinfo.max_freq = 1000 * find_freq_from_fid(ppst[numps-1].fid);
> pol->min = 1000 * find_freq_from_fid(ppst[0].fid);
> pol->max = 1000 * find_freq_from_fid(ppst[batps - 1].fid);
> + pol->governor = CPUFREQ_DEFAULT_GOVERNOR;
> printk(KERN_INFO PFX "cpu_init done, current fid 0x%x, vid 0x%x\n",
> currfid, currvid);

Already fixed differently. Dominik's patch also nuked the setting of ->policy
a few lines above.


Dave Jones
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