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    SubjectRe: freed_symbols [Re: People, not GPL [was: Re: Driver Model]]
    On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Andre Hedrick wrote:

    > No it can not, by only using the headers as the functional API for that
    > snapshot verson of the kernel release, it is the standard means for
    > functionality.

    Well, I don't see "standard means for functionality" mentioned anywhere
    in the GPL or copyright law (though I'm no expert on that).

    If a header contains a macro that expands to real code and a module
    has to use that, it means that it absolutely needs that part of kernel
    source code to function and then it is a derived work because it
    includes GPL'ed code and would not work without it.

    > If the macro is require for any driver and or one in the
    > kernel to function, and is listed in the headers, it is generally deemed
    > to part of the unportected API.

    Says who? Who defines what is unprotected API and what is not?

    > Again it is very simple declare, all modules which are not GPL and reject
    > loading, and we can watch the death of linux as nobody will use it. Again
    > who cares, because it started out as fun for a Finn in 1991, and should
    > never be of use or value outside of academics.

    Well, silly me, I only buy hardware with open source drivers available.
    I wouldn't agree that something is good and has to be done just because
    it would improve Linux' "success" (I wouldn't define that to be
    commercial success, either).


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