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    SubjectBug in the sg driver


    just got back from a customer with major problems
    with a LTO-drive and an Adaptec 19160.

    The problems was ones that HP claimed a firmware
    upgrade would fix and even gave a tool for doing this:

    Running this the first time would always segfault and trying
    a second time would consistently panic the system.

    We traced the segfault to sg_ioctl trying to do something.
    After finding a vague hint with google I tried to boot with
    mem=512M (The machine has 2GB of memory) and voila:
    The update worked without any crashes.
    We don't know yet if the firmware update fixed the original problem,
    but the conclusion is:

    sg_ioctl seems to address illegal parts of memory when used with
    kernels where highmem is enabled.

    Any sg-driver maintainers out there?

    Best Regards

    Dag Nygren email:
    Oy Espoon NewTech Ab phone: +358 9 8024910
    Träsktorpet 3 fax: +358 9 8024916
    02360 ESBO Mobile: +358 400 426312

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