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    SubjectRe: 2.4.23pre6aa1

    On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

    > URL:
    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 00_e-nodev-1
    > s/NODEV/ENODEV/ fixes from Vojtech.
    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 00_get_request_wait-race-1
    > Add missing smb_mb().

    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 00_proc-readlink-1
    > Remeber to free tmp buffer (from spender)
    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 00_sync-buffer-scale-1
    > Don't take the bkl (the same paths runs w/o the bkl elsewhere), from
    > Chris Mason.
    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 01_softirq-nowait-1
    > We must really keep executing softirqs or it may take
    > a too long time before ksoftirqd gets some cpu time.
    > For an embedded device you may want to remove this,
    > on a server we need this still.
    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 30_19-nfs-kill-unlock-1
    > Ignore errors on exiting lock cleanups. From Trond.
    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 9999900_BH_Sync-remove-1
    > To really be able to help and not just waste some
    > seek and cpu, wait_on_buffer should honour the
    > BH_Sync, but this is late in 2.4, and so I prefer
    > to get rid of it instead of giving it the full power
    > it should have.
    > Only in 2.4.23pre6aa1: 9999_z-execve-race-1
    > Fix race in exit_mmap.


    What about trying to merge this in mainline ?

    Will I have to look at them and merge them manually like I did with the VM
    changes ?


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