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    SubjectRe: Post-halloween doc updates.
    > > And APM suspend seems to have broken in -test8.  Does it work for
    > > anyone?
    > Doesn't work for me.
    works for me. it isn't rock solid as in 2.4 but most times it resumes
    without problems even using dma on ide controller (in 2.4 i should
    disable dma before suspend and couldn't enable it later).

    > Now, taking off my "open source co-operative hat" and placing my
    > "reality" hat on, I'd suggest that anyone who finds that APM doesn't
    > work to consider it a dead loss - It's an obsolete technology, and
    > therefore no one is interested in it anymore. I've reported the
    > problem multiple times here and there's been very little, if any,
    > reaction, so this seems to back that up.
    i guess it isn't exactly the problem. maybe there's no _developers_ with
    time and skills to work on it. i would do it if i have enough skills.
    when stock 2.6 comes out we'll have a lot of people complaining
    about APM because there a lot of notebooks out there that still needs
    it. including mine.


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