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SubjectRe: Post-halloween doc updates.

And APM suspend seems to have broken in -test8. Does it work for


Dave Jones <> writes:

> Power management.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> - 2.6 contains a more up to date snapshot of the ACPI driver. Should
> you experience any problems booting, try booting with the argument
> "acpi=off" to rule out any ACPI interaction. ACPI has a much more involved
> role in bringing the system up in 2.6 than it did in 2.4
> - The old "acpismp=force" boot option is now obsolete, and will be ignored
> due to the old "mini ACPI" parser being removed.
> - software suspend is still in development, and in need of more work.
> Use with SMP and/or PREEMPT not advised.
> - The ACPI code will do basic sanity checks on the DMI structure in the BIOS
> to determine the date it was written. BIOSes older than year 2000 are
> assumed to be broken. In some circumstances, this assumption is wrong.
> If you see a message saying ACPI is disabled for this reason, try booting
> with acpi=force. If things work fine, send the output of dmidecode
> ( to
> with an explanation of why your BIOS shouldn't be blacklisted.

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