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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove useless highmem bounce from loop/cryptoloop
    Ben Slusky wrote:
    > The attached patch changes the loop device transfer functions (including
    > cryptoloop transfers) to accept page/offset pairs instead of virtual
    > addresses, and removes the redundant kmaps in do_lo_send, do_lo_receive,
    > and loop_transfer_bio. Per Andrew Morton's request a while back.

    Cryptoloop is not the only user of loop transfer interface. Please don't
    change that interface as it breaks code outside of mainline kernel.

    Cryptoapi interface is quite broken. Your change extends that breakage to
    loop transfer interface. Please don't do that.

    Linus, please don't apply this patch.

    Jari Ruusu 1024R/3A220F51 5B 4B F9 BB D3 3F 52 E9 DB 1D EB E3 24 0E A9 DD
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