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    SubjectRe: e1000 -> 82540EM on linux 2.6.0-test[45] very slow in one direction
    Ookhoi wrote (ao):
    > Florian Zwoch wrote (ao):
    > > issue seems to partly solved. the e1000 driver seems to be ok!
    > > i reconfigured my kernel and intentionally left out netfilter options.
    > > after that my network performance was back to normal.
    > >
    > > netfilter was only compiled in the kernel. it was not used with any rules!
    > >
    > > so my wild guess would be that something with the netfilter code (i am
    > > not 100% sure it was netfilter.. _maybe_ it was some small odd kernel
    > > option i accidently enabled/disabled) is broken since test3 (again
    > > uncertified. but i firstly noticed this switching from test3 to test4).

    > I have netfilter enabled, and will try another -test6 kernel with
    > netfilter not compiled in to see if that indeed makes a difference.

    I can confirm now that disabling netfilter in 2.6.0-test6 makes the nic
    perform oke wrt upload.
    I (just like Florian) had no iptables rules active in the former
    2.6.0-test6 kernel, but netfilter was compiled in.
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