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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix vsyscall page in core dumps
    Roland McGrath <> wrote:
    > My change to core dumps that was included with the vsyscall DSO
    > implementation had a bug (braino on my part). Core dumps don't include the
    > full page of the vsyscall DSO, and so don't accurately represent the whole
    > memory image of the process. This patch fixes it. I have tested it on
    > x86, but not tested the same change to 32-bit core dumps on AMD64 (haven't
    > even compiled on AMD64).
    > I've also included the corresponding change for the IA64 code that was
    > copied blindly from the x86 vsyscall implementation, which looks like more
    > change than it is since I preserved the formatting of the copied code
    > instead of arbitrarily diddling it along with the trivial symbol name
    > changes.

    How does one test it?

    > I haven't compiled or tested on ia64.

    I have. GATE_BASE is undefined. Replacing it with GATE_ADDR makes it
    build OK, but that's all I can say.

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