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    SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: User-space System Device Enumation (uSDE)
    On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 03:30:30PM +0100, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
    > ---cut---

    Sweet shell script, nice job.

    > So udev is 99% overhead?

    To you, sure, it might be. Don't use it then, I'm not forcing anyone.

    > > SDE: 57328 lines
    > > udev: 9090 lines
    > shell script: 41 lines

    Hm, how about the size of bash?

    > > that udev is suffering from "lack of maintainability and bloat" if you
    > > really want :)
    > bloat. lots of bloat. what is that tdb database for?
    > filesystems are persistent. if you want to save space,
    > create a tar file :-)

    Sweet, and then run everything on a in-ram compress filesystem just to
    save that precious disk space.

    > > p.s. yes, I know lines of code is a horrible metric, and doesn't really
    > > mean squat. I just want to point out the huge size difference between
    > > the current state of udev and SDE, with pretty much identical
    > > functionality from what I can tell.
    > I agree. lines of codes is a horrible metric, and comparing a shell
    > script that uses many external commands to a c application with
    > everything build is makes absolutely no sense. but I wonder why
    > the off the shelf machine needs a c applications, if all those
    > external commands are installed anyway.

    Remember, userspace is just a load test for the kernel, who really needs
    applications anyway.


    greg k-h
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