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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] input hotplug support
    In message <> you write:
    > > Thanks, I've applied this patch. Did your module-init-tools patch make
    > > it into that package too?
    > No, Rusty was against it. You should have received those mails as well (you
    > were on Cc at least), subject was
    > "module-init-tools - input devices id support"

    Let's go through this again.

    1) I don't understand what you want. eg. for USB devices, they're
    used to match the USB device to the USB driver for autoloading.

    You seemed surprised when I suggested you could autoload the input
    drivers: but what else would you want this information for?

    2) While a naive approach to aliases would make aliases for input
    drivers about 1000 chars long, that's just a good reason not to use
    a naive approach. I already suggested one approach based on the
    looking at the current drivers in the tree.

    3) Since we're talking about 5 drivers in all, you could simply
    hardcode them if this is all too much trouble for you.

    4) You *have* been informed that this is changing, months ago. As
    soon as Greg tells me that hotplug scripts no longer need those
    tables, they will be removed in favour of the aliases which exist.

    5) If you want some tables for other reasons, there's no reason for
    you not to generate them yourself. Experience has shown that this
    method is fragile, but that's your choice.

    6) You're confused about external modules: the module supplier runs
    file2alias as part of the build process, the user runs depmod as
    normal, so no problems.

    > I really think that keeping module-init-tools in sync with kernel is not much
    > more difficult than keeping file2alias in sync with kernel.

    But they are *distributed separately*, so for the end user, it's much
    harder to keep them in sync. That's been one of the main aims of the
    new module code: kernel independence.

    Anyone who quotes me in their sig is an idiot. -- Rusty Russell.
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