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    SubjectRe: status of ipchains in 2.6?
    In article <>,
    David S. Miller <> wrote:
    | On Mon, 27 Oct 2003 17:27:22 -0800
    | David Mosberger <> wrote:
    | > I recently discovered that ipchains is rather broken. I noticed the
    | > problem on ia64, but suspect that it's likely to affect all 64-bit
    | > platforms (if not 32-bit platforms). A more detailed description of
    | > the problem I'm seeing is here:
    | >
    | >
    | >
    | > Unlike ipchains, iptables works perfectly fine, so perhaps we just
    | > need to update Kconfig to discourage ipchains on ia64 (and/or other
    | > 64-bit platforms)?
    | Might want to post this to the netfilter lists or netdev....
    | Nah, that might actually get the bug fixed.
    | linux-kernel is always the wrong place to report networking
    | problems, most networking developers do not read linux-kernel.
    | They do read so please post things there.

    The other side of the problem is that most people reading here don't
    read netdev, so you don't trigger the "I have that too, and didn't
    report it because I thought it was just me" replies. That's an imperfect
    way to run the world, but it does reflect human nature.

    I personally hesitate to post to netdev until I have really researched
    a problem, as opposed to reporting that something working in testN
    fails in test{N+1}. Given my free time, that often means that someone
    else reports a bug (usually here) first.

    Your continued reminders when appropriate are useful, perhaps an
    occasional forward of a message would be as well.
    bill davidsen <>
    CTO, TMR Associates, Inc
    Doing interesting things with little computers since 1979.
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