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SubjectRe: Blockbusting news, results end

On Sun, Oct 26, 2003 at 03:05:04PM +0300, Hans Reiser wrote:
> >HR> Badblocks support is in reiser4, and anyone is welcome to update the
> >HR> patch for V3, or sponsor us to do it. We are very low on cash, so we
> >Actually that v3 patch does not do bad blocks remapping in case of
> >write failure, it only does remapping when you manually ask it.
> >And biggest part of badblocks support in reiser3 is in reiserfsck and tools
> >(and in not that bad shape, last time I looked).
> >As for remapping bad blocks on write failure, the only PC OS that was doing
> >this that comes to my mind is Novell Netware (I think they called it a
> >"hotfix"
> >or something like that).
> I wasn't saying we would do what is in Netware, and as far as being in

Sure, I was not claiming this either, but original man seems to be implying
such a feature as something common.

> bad shape is concerned, from the user's point of view it either works or
> it doesn't.

Sure. And in modern desktop world it does not work (if SMART does not want to
do it).

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