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SubjectRe: Wow. Suspend to disk works for me in test8. :)
On Thursday 23 October 2003 08:55, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > A couple of down sides I've noticed: I have to run "hwclock --hctosys"
> > after a resume because the time you saved at is the time the system
> > thinks it is when you resume (ouch). And because of that, things that
> > should time out and renew themselves (like dhcp leases) have to be
> > thumped manually.
> I sent fix for that yesterday... but you'd need to fix swsusp.c's
> sysdev handling and mtrr-s => better wait.
> Pavel

It's largely working for me. My laptop's backed up regularly, so I'm not
risking too much data. It reliably fails trying to suspend if I close the
lid, and if I don't close the lid every once in a while the power down step
won't power down immediately and the sucker will boot back up to the desktop
and inform me that my dhcp lease file is corrupt, and then suddenly power
down right from the desktop. (I reboot and force a full fsck in this

I've also had it just hang there, on both suspend and resume, for upwards of
30 seconds doing nothing I can see until I start holding the power button
down: after ten seconds it'll hard power off, but after two or three it
suddenly wakes up and continues with the suspend or resume. (Suspend usually
hangs in "snapshotting memory" or something like that. Resume hangs printing
........::::::::] at the end of the boot log, right before it would otherwise
clear the screen and rerun the end of the power down phase.

Odd. I'm still subscribed to the swsusp list, but stopped reading it some
time ago because it was all about 2.4 and I haven't run 2.4 in months...

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