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    SubjectRe: VIA IDE performance under 2.6.0-test7/8?
    James Finnie wrote:
    > Hi guys;
    > Am having trouble getting decent IDE performance from the 2.6.0-test8 kernel
    > (tested with 2.6.0-test7 kernel also, same issue). The platform is VIA
    > EPIA-ME6000 - with a VIA VT8235 southbridge. Under 2.4.21 I get around
    > 40Mb/s in hdparm -t and 70Mb/s for hdparm -T. Under the 2.6.0-test7/8 I
    > only manage 13Mb/s & 52Mb/s respectively! I've attached my .config, and the
    > output of /proc/ide/via, dmesg, and hdparm info. I don't think I'm doing
    > anything particularly stupid here, but if I am, hit me with a wet fish
    > please :)
    > Thanks for all help,
    > James
    Can you also send the output from "cat /proc/interrupts".
    It looks like you are not using IO-APIC, but instead using XT-PIC.
    XT-PIC is a lot slower than IO-APIC.

    Just turn on SMB support in the "make menuconf", and it should enable

    If you cannot boot using IO-APIC, you probably have one of the bad VIA
    motherboards. I have not determined if the IO-APIC issues with VIA
    VT8235 MBs is hardware or software related. All I know, is some VIA
    VT8235 MBs work, and some don't. I am still investigating why.



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