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    SubjectRe: Panic with mounting CD in 2.6.0test8
    On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 07:11:40 -0500 Ian <> wrote:

    | Hash: SHA1
    | I'm getting a kernel panic in running 2.6.0test8 which I just compiled
    | today.
    | After chatting this up with #Kernelnewbies, erikm told me to post here.
    | Attempt to mount a particular CD, which I'm thinking is just an ordinary
    | data CD.
    | It could be a VCD, but then I would suspect it would play on my DVD player.
    | Windows sees it as a data disk with one big AVI file on it.
    | Anyway, I was impressed by the magical symbol lookups in the crash dump,
    | but I really just want to mount my CD.
    | I am not subscribed to this list, so please CC me on any correspondence.
    | I will gladly help debug this.

    So you can open/explore the CD in Windows?

    The call stack could have scrolled off of the top of the screen.
    If not, then cdrom_start_read() called cdrom_start_packet_command(),
    but there's not enough info to see what went haywire in
    cdrom_start_packet_command() or whether that latter function
    called cdrom_start_read_continuation() which then erred or if
    it called something which fumbled. So if you can get more/better
    info (from kernel log or serial console etc.), that would be very

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