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    SubjectRe: [RFT][PATCH] fix ServerWorks PIO auto-tuning
    On Oct-20 2003, Mon, 11:24 +0200
    Torben Mathiasen <> wrote:

    > BTW Tomas, that drive you're adding to your ML350G2, is that just to have
    > a spare IDE disk drive? IIRC, the 350 is a SCSI system with only an ATAPI
    > cdrom drive. But I could be wrong.

    Yes, Torben, you are corrent, the IDE drive is just a spare
    used for doing nightly backups of the SCSI system partitions.
    We've been using 80GB/120GB WD drives in many OSB4/CSB5-based
    HP/Compaq systems (mostly this Proliant model, HP E800 and HP
    TC3100) with hand-enabled DMA and have so far had no problems.

    (Btw, this particular ML350G3 came with an add-on cciss hwraid
    card that seemed to exhibit extremely poor performance, so we
    attached all the SCSI drives directly to the onboard AIC7xxx
    and went for /dev/md*.)

    Tomas Szepe <>
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