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SubjectRe: Uncorrectable Error on IDE, significant accumulation
Konstantin Kletschke wrote the following on 10/20/2003 04:48 PM :

>Hm, I have the Board Revision whih also remembers its BIOS Settings once
>after a while (once per month or so). Does that also belong to
>"electrical defects"?

Maybe... do you mean your CMOS settings are periodically reset ? In this
case it usually is simply a worn-out battery.

>So should I buy a K7S5A Pro now. It eats my old school SDRAM, thats

K7S5A Pro are dirt cheap these days, so it might be a good idea to buy a
new one.

For the record, reallocated sectors are quite common with modern disks,
I had some (3-4) on a one-year old 120Go Maxtor but the drive worked
perfectly. You should install the smartmontools and run smartd
configured to send you an e-mail each time a new defect is found. You
have then one more opportunity to anticipate a drive going to fail by
backuping and restoring on another drive.

Best regards,

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