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    SubjectRe: Mounting /dev/md0 as root in 2.6.0-test7
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    On Sunday 19 October 2003 18:58, Harold Martin wrote:
    > First, is it possible to mount an md device as root (superblock is
    > present)?

    Yes, it is. I've had such a configuration on this
    machine some weeks ago.

    > If so, I can't get it to work :(
    > I pass root=/dev/md0 to the kernl, but I get the "Kernel panic: VFS:
    > Unable to mount root fs on md0" error.

    Did you correctly set up the md? Did you make
    proper use of the raidtools? How does your raidtab, that you
    used to create the array, look like?

    Are you able to mount the md from a running system (not as / root)?

    > Thanks for your help,
    > Harold

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    Regards Michael Buesch [ ]
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