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    SubjectRe: Blockbusting news, this is important (Re: Why are bad disk se ctors numbered strangely, and what happens to them?)

    > option #1 above, which I've already said isn't worth the cost. I hear about
    > people swapping PCBs on disk drives to recover data when one fries... yes
    > this can work to some degree, but I absolutely wouldn't trust anything
    > written in a swapped-board setup.

    Which is okay, if you are doing this, you are not trying to "save" the
    disk, you are trying to save the data... Which reminds me I should
    back up hitachi hdd in my notebook. It already hates me for the stuff
    I done with it. [Take a walk with running notebook in bag because this
    damn beast pretends to be powered off, and will magically come back
    few seconds later... Run notebook at near critical temperature for ~10
    hours -- resulting in severe disk errors because drive failed to
    detect it is overheated and tried to operate....]
    When do you have a heart between your knees?
    [Johanka's followup: and *two* hearts?]
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