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    SubjectRe: aic7xxx lockup for SMP for 2.4.22

    More info on the subject. It turns out that a 2.4.22 kernel
    without SMP-support but with IO-APIC enabled will also lock-up/stop
    when it installs the aic7xxx driver upon boot. Disabling the IO-APIC
    and disabling SMP-support makes the kernel boot normally.

    Peter Maersk-Moller wrote:
    > Hi
    > Recent postings on this suggest some changes/problems with
    > aic7xxx, but none of them seems to be like this.
    > It seems that the aic7xxx driver while booting a SMP enabled
    > 2.4.22 kernel waits (lock-up?) forever.
    > The lock-up does not happen if I disable SMP, make distclean
    > and recompile the kernel.
    > The controller used is a PCI based Adaptec 29160 (aic7892).
    > The board is a dual Pentium III DBD100 from Iwill.
    > Compiler GCC 3.2.3
    > Distro : Slackware 9.1
    > Has anyone else seen this ?

    Kind regards

    Peter Maersk-Moller
    Ogg/Vorbis support for MPEG4IP. YUV12, XviD, AVI and MP4 support
    for libmpeg2. See

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