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SubjectRe: Transparent compression in the FS
> Erik Mouw writes:
> > On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 05:50:38PM +0400, Nikita Danilov wrote:
> > > Erik Mouw writes:
> > > > Nowadays disks are so incredibly cheap, that transparent compression
> > > > support is not realy worth it anymore (IMHO).
> > You have a point, but remember that modern IDE drives can do about
> > 50MB/s from medium. I don't think you'll find a CPU that is able to
> > handle transparent decompression on the fly at 50MB/s, even not with a
> > simple compression scheme as used in NTFS (see the NTFS docs on
> > SourceForge for details).

I haven't got the original message (mail problems) so I'm responding here.

I misread your message, and thought you said compression.
My Duron 1300 (hardly the fastest machine) compresses (gzip -1) at around
40Mb/sec (repetitive log-files that compress to 5% using gzip -1) and
10Mb/sec on text (compressing to 40%).

On expansion, it decompresses compressed text at around 14Mb/sec (resulting
in 30Mb/sec, around my disk speed), and logfiles at 110Mb/sec, which is
significantly faster.

This is with a single stick of PC133 RAM, and a tiny 64K cache.
I would be very surprised if even a high end consumer machine couldn't handle
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