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    SubjectRe: [x86] Access off the bottom of stack causes a segfault?
    > Any interrupt causes the return address to be pushed onto the
    > stack. This will overwrite any data you've put there. In principle,
    > in user-mode, you can write below the stack-pointer because an
    > interrupt uses the kernel stack. However, your data will still
    > get corrupted by signal delivery, etc. So as to not corrupt your
    > user-mode stack, the kernel calls your signal code, just like
    > a nested call. This means the new return address will be below
    > the non-signal user-mode stack-pointer value. This will surely
    > corrupt anything you have written below the stack-pointer.

    Thanks to everyone for all of the answers. :) I guess the moral of the
    story is to not perform leaf function optimization on X86. At least
    frame-pointer elimination is still safe.

    Thanks again,



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