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Subject2.6.0-test7 + X11 + screen savers vs. user
"Norman Diamond" <> said on Sat, 11 Oct 2003 18:00:45 +0900:
> In 2.6.0-test1 through test7, when running X11, the screen saver kicks in
> about every 5 minutes. I haven't checked the configuration but have
> confidence that it's obeying the timing correctly. The problem is that it
> doesn't care whether the keyboard and mouse have been used during that time.
> When the screen saver is running, any keyboard or mouse activity will
> restore the screen. Also when the screen saver isn't running, the focused
> window gets the input. But it's irritating to be in the middle of typing or
> mousing and suddenly lose a character or click because the screen saver
> kicked in and gobbled up the next event.

What was this about time jumping backwards for some people?

Follow this thread:

Could trigger the screensaver if it thinks MAXINT time has elapsed :)

TimC --
When some other esteemed editor reposts this, it'll be the Periodic
Periodic Table Table story, and I will be even happier. ;^)
-- Emil Brink on /., about the periodic table table.
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