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SubjectRe: Date/UnixTime of SysRq state dump
* Mike Fedyk <> [Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 02:48:46PM -0700]:
> Reproduce without tainting please...
> Really that should have been the first thing to try...

Ya, OK. I understand. It is really acquired to reproduce this, when
possible, with an untainted kernel... Otherwise it is not possible to
work, you really do not know what this _huge_ module does...

I updated to 2.6.0-test6-mm1 yesterday, which lifes still after day
change :) and when this freezes I will get rid of the nvidia module to
reproduce that with the nv driver (problem is, only one monitor then!)
and only then I will report.

Really, I only wanted to know if a day change can trigger a kernel
freeze, but, I realize now, one does not know what goes on with that:

nvidia 1709612 10


Regards, Konsti

Konstantin Kletschke <>, <>
Fingerprint: 13C9 B16B 9844 EC15 CC2E A080 1E69 3FDA EF62 FCEF up 5:35, 29 users
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