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    SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
    On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 03:25, Richard Stallman wrote:
    >> I think that everyone knows the connection between the Linux kernel and GNU.
    > I wish that were true. Most of the people who know about the system
    > have heard of "Linux" but they have not heard of GNU. Geeks often
    > think they know, but what they know is often wrong; for instance, they
    > often say that "GNU is the name of a collection of tools that are used
    > in Linux." (See


    While I agree with you that the system should be called 'GNU Linux' and
    be referred too as such in communication etc. When your with a customer
    advocating implementation of the operating system for example. You
    cannot contradict and try force correctness/fairness of naming, unless
    you want to annoy and turn your customer off too you! For most people in
    the commercial world, we can use 'GNU Linux' when we write and speak
    hoping people catch onto it and nothing really more bar explain if
    someone asks why we call it 'GNU Linux'. You would I hope respect this.

    Also the page you linked to is alot of the problem. Yes people have a
    position on how something should be. However, too go on and on about it
    just gets up peoples noses. On the page is the following segment:

    "However, there are people who do not like our saying this. Sometimes
    those people push us away in response. On occasion they are so rude that
    one wonders if they are intentionally trying to intimidate us into
    silence. It doesn't silence us, but it does tend to divide the
    community, so we hope you can convince them to stop."

    The rudeness is not intimidation or not liking you to mention it I feel.
    Most people can be informed of something once or twice, but when it's
    told too them a third, fourth and fifth time they get frustrated to the
    point where the only means of communication is an outburst! Yes it is
    not probably the best of language used, but what they are trying to say
    is "Can you just change the record for a while please?". Sorry in
    advance to the animal lovers. :) There is more than one way to skin a
    cat and I think the preaching method has had it's day and more subtle
    methods may prove more productive.


    Philip Wyett


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