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    SubjectRe: 2.4.20 kernel crashes while scanning partition list
    Sorry I don't have a copy of your first email, so apologies if you've 
    already addressed these questions

    Is it just the 2.4.20 kernel? Have you tried others?
    Can we see some dmesg output? If it's not getting through the kernel
    boot this would involve setting up a serial link to another machine
    (there are howto's for this)
    Another other clues? 'It crashes' isn't enough to go on.


    Peter Karlsson wrote:
    > Me, last week:
    >>I am installing Debian Linux on my new Athlon XP PC, and I have
    >>problems with the 2.4.20 kernel crashing on boot.
    > So, no one has any good ideas on what might be wrong with the 2.4.20
    > kernel? I must say that it's quite irritating to have a brand new
    > computer just standing around unusable because I can't run Linux on it
    > :-(

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