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    SubjectRe: Expand VM
    Hi Valdis

    Create a new VMA on Linux B for Linux A is easy , but i have a problem , the
    address of VMA is returned on Linux B , so the VMA created on Linux B can not
    be used for process of linux A.
    The problem is "how can i return address of VMA created on LINUX B to Linux
    A , and use this space ?".


    On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 11:55:38 -0500, Valdis.Kletnieks wrote
    > On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 12:56:27 -0300, User &
    > <> said:
    > > I have one idea , and this is about expand virtual memory on linux boxes
    > > connected in LAN.
    > > Example: Linux A is processing come information , and need more memory ,
    > > with this source , Linux A could access virtual memory on Linux B in LAN.
    > We've seen *this* done before (remember diskless Sun3-50's?) - the /dev/swap
    > file would be a large file on an NFS mount from a server. At the
    > time, this actually made performance sense, because the old
    > 'Shoebox' drives the -50 came with were incredibly slow, and you
    > could actually do an NFS operation to a larger server (a -280 with
    > Fujitsu SuperEagle disks, for instance) faster than talking to the
    > local disk.
    > These days, it's probably easier and cheaper to just buy more RAM
    > and/or disk for Linux A.
    > > But i don´t know how translate the virtual address between Linux A and
    B , to
    > > have success in acess VM, or how to send all the process for Linux B to
    > > processed.
    > Sending the whole process to Linux B to be processed is called "process
    > migration", and is a difficult problem. Moving the memory image of the
    > process is usually pretty easy. What is difficult is moving things like
    > references to open files, file locks, and so on (what if the process
    > is actively writing to block 739 of /usr/foo/some.file, and the
    > LinuxB machine doesn't have a /usr/foo, or the permissions on
    > some.file don't match, or another process has it locked, or... )
    > There be nasty dragons in this.
    > You're probably better off buying more RAM and disk for your A machine.
    > --
    > Valdis Kletnieks
    > Computer Systems Senior Engineer
    > Virginia Tech


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