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    SubjectDell Latitude CPi keyboard problems since 2.5.42

    On October 17, I wrote to LKML:
    >Dell Latitude CPi laptop. Boot 2.5.42 or .43, then reboot.
    >Shortly after the screen is blanked and the BIOS starts, it
    >prints a "keyboard error" message and requests an F1 or F2
    >response (continue or go into SETUP). Never happened with any
    >other kernel on that machine.

    for the full thread)

    This problem is still present in 2.5.58. Any ideas what might
    be causing it? I've tried a few obvious tweaks (forcing
    atkbd_reset=1, making atkbd_cleanup() do nothing), but none
    has helped.

    Kernel 2.5.41 and older, and current 2.4/2.2 kernels, don't
    cause this problem, so obviously the input driver must be doing
    _something_ the HW or BIOS doesn't like.

    MOUSE_PS2,INPUT_PCSKR} enabled.

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