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    SubjectRe: Nvidia and its choice to read the GPL "differently"
    On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 22:52, wrote:
    > "fortune". Nearly anyone can pick this up. Val Henson's mom even

    Writing fortune is probably far more complicated than writing the
    kernel. By that, of course, I mean writing the individual fortunes
    which fortune spits out

    It's also more useful. The kernel, by itself, does nothing. It's like
    saying "the cpu is the most important part of the computer". Yeah, but
    without the a bios, what can you do with it? (Actually, a lot, if you
    can bootstrap the OS by other means, but you need hardware engineers to
    help you with that, and I've done it.)

    An OS is just another layer in the onion.. What's nice is that in an
    ideal world, that software follows standards.. Linux is still trying to
    find it's way in that respect it seems (for example, today I found that
    my 2.4 oss sound driver no longer works just right in the 2.5 kernel nor
    is it likely to be supported in the future since some SuSE specific
    sound system is replacing it -- I guess SuSE gave Torvalds some stock
    options or similar.) Also, the once perfectly functioning nvidia kernel
    driver (the subject of this message) no longer works in newer kernels --
    whereas if there were a standard interface for such things, nvidia could
    freely keep their source closed while providing a driver that would
    solve people's problems.

    At least windows a few years back standardized on the wdm (windows
    driver model) whereby there was a standard interface for what a driver
    looked like and what it's interface to the kernel was (whether the
    platform was the dos-based windows 9x or NT-based Windows 2000/XP).
    This is not to say that I'm "trolling" by extolling the virtues of
    windows over linux.. I'm just pointing out what I know in this area.


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